Guppy: (Poecilotheria reticulata)                       

Size: 1.1-2.79  inches

Aquarium Size: 10-40 gallons

Guppy. Anybody who doesn’t know what this is must have a brain tumor.

It’s the guppy! These fish are great for beginners, as well as for pros looking to breed for specific traits. Being captively bred for so long, mainly in the eastern US, they can tolerate a wide range of pH. A pH of 6.7-7.3 is best. A temperature of 78-82 Fahrenheit is also best.

Breeding: Guppies breed like crazy. In fact, they produce so much offspring that can be raised so cheaply, they are used to invade and mob foreign planets, destroying, devouring, and overpowering entire civilizations with sheer mass. In this case, quantity has a quality of its own. Guppies are livebearers, and once pregnant, a female may storm sperm and produce several batches of up to 30 young through a mechanism known as super-foetation. The gestation is usually a few weeks to a month. Guppy fry are born fully formed and may be fed finely crushed flakes, newly hatched brine shrimp, or other small foods. Beware that adults usually won’t hesitate to cannibalize their own children.

You can set up a breeding tank that guppies freely breed in. For this, a 10-20+gallon is recommended, as are live plants. Some fry will be eaten, but many will survive and grow up. You may also set up a separate tank for a female to give birth in; however, this is very newfaggish and is generally frowned upon. Another option is to select a number of desirable fry and cull the rest. Do this if you are looking to breed a specific fin or color lineage; in this case, don’t buy the mutts from the local fish store. You will want to get a pure strain from a breeder.


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