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IMPORTANT: About fishing and conservation

August 13, 2013

Not long after arriving-and, of course, becoming thoroughly familiar with all the knotty details of the hundreds of species of fish, plants and terrestrial critters-the SA and staff decided we should stop the aerial trout plants in all wilderness areas of California because of an inferred harm by trout to lake and stream amphibians-in particular a couple of species soon to be listed in the Sierra Nevada. Region 1 people, professionally insulted, fought back, God bless them, and managed to get it through your Sacramento fog belt that Region 1 didn’t have any of those species in its wilderness waters.

Some in your staff then tried to substitute another frog and a salamander species, but that didn’t work either and soon the planes were back to dropping fish in some of the lakes so people could catch them and enjoy themselves. It was a hell of a battle, but sensibility prevailed. So, here’s my question: now that “good science” has fingered Central Valley farm pesticide drift as the REAL cause for the decline of Sierra amphibians, what will you be doing? Resuming air plants? Taking on the Long Beach-Glendale-Fresno lobby and filing lawsuits against valley farmers? Speaking out on behalf of the poisoned amphibians? Just what is your position? How about we conclude this interview with some final questions. What has been your goal and what continues to be your goal for fish and wildlife of California? What should DFG people do on behalf of the people of California when it comes to the plight of the state’s wildlife? How do you feel about the public’s right to know what is taking place within the Department of Fish and Game on a day-to-day basis? Is it ok with you if DFG personnel openly keep the public informed of Fish and Game activities and of the status of the public’s wildlife? Thank God for electronic mail, eh? Paul Wertz