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Why banning orcas from seaworld needs to be BANNED.

March 10, 2014


There has been a recent issue about Killer Whales in captivity at Seaworld. Untold numbers of people, swayed by documentaries and extremists are advocating the ban of these animal in captivity. But their logic is faulty. They claim the whales don’t have enough space and should be set free. By that logic, should lions, tigers, elephants, and all zoo animals (and for that matter, pets) be banned?After all, dogs and cats are roaming species. Why do so many dogs and cats end up running away? Who are you to say orcas can be freed, yet you keep dogs in your house and on a leash? Does that make you a hypocrite?

The unfortunate truth is that some of these extremists agree. They want to ban zoos and pets. What they don’t understand is that by banning animals in captivity, people will no longer be able to interact with these rare, majestic animals. Nobody has the money to go to Africa and see lions, or go to a whale watch hours on end only to see the tip of a whale’s nose.

As soon as we get isolation from the animals, people will stop caring for them. Why? People need to interact in order to feel. When zoos and the like are banned, people will only read books and see internet pictures of animals. This creates a great divide, and people will slowly lose their passion for wildlife and nature, and then, only THEN, will the true crimes against animals be allowed to be enacted. Remember, zoos provide something very important: they let people, young and old, get up close to animals and interact with them. They provide education and inspire people to care for them, and hence promote things like conservation.


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